Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When Words Matter

Some of you may know I’m going through another career transition. The company I have been working on building for the past few years, nxtARROW, was not able to raise the seed capital necessary to transition from the successful prototype launch of a private economic development company with the mission of making Buffalo the Queen City of Startups, and therefore I’m facing the challenge of evaluating my transferable skills, my passions, my talents, and figuring out how to monetize them. As I was reflecting on my life, my abilities, my successes, and my strengths one phrase popped out. “When words matter.” I may have attempted many things, succeeding at some, failing at others, but the one consistent theme is that people have called on me throughout my life when words matter, and I have been able to deliver. So, I’m launching a new service by the same name. Whenever words matter, I can help. It can be for business or pleasure, for personal or corporate benefit. But if there’s a need for someone to work on a tight schedule, to produce just the right content for any situation, whether it is to be delivered orally or in writing, that’s one thing I’ve always done extremely well. In fact the most common adjective I’ve received in feedback from people who’ve called on my wordsmithing is “amazing.” So… prepare to be amazed. This post is to put the world on notice that I’m out there, waiting to amaze you, when words matter. I’ll be using this blog to showcase my writing abilities in a variety of contexts and formats: everything from commentary on sports, theology and politics (three topics dear to my heart) to some creative writing, to some business posts. Sometimes it will be a rant, sometimes a rumination, sometimes a review or refection. I hope you’ll subscribe and enjoy the variety. I also hope you’ll post comments whenever the spirit moves.