Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup is the World's Version of March Madness

There is no other sporting event other than March Madness in which there is so much opportunity for the Davids to take on Goliath with a realistic chance of winning at least a round or two.

We've already seen some underdogs draw blood-- the US vs. England being one of the most noteworthy.

The world is also having to come to terms with Africa. South Africa, Ghana, and Ivory Coast earned points in the first match.

In Group A, mighty France and Mexico are on equal ground, thus far, with tiny Uraguay and the next to the bottom seed, South Africa.

Group F is a similar situation with New Zealand and Slovokia sitting level with Italy and Paraguay.

Tiny Slovenia sits atop Group C with traditional power, England and up and comer, USA tied for second.

Ghana beat Serbia. Ivory Coast held Portugal to a draw.

Group H is yet to play but we should expect at least one unexpected result if the trend continues.

At least one of these underdogs should have a bit of a run, out of their group or perhaps into the quarterfinals. There is a realistic chance that someone other than the consensus favorites (Spain, Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany) will win the whole tournament.

We certainly hope someone does. Blow your uzavulas for David (any David).